Unspoken’s “Christmas Everyday”

Unspoken "Christmas Everyday" coverWe here at Countdown2.Christmas Radio believe in the Reason for the Season, so we love being able to add great music from those who have faith in the One whose birth we celebrate.

As such, we are excited to add Unspoken’s “Christmas Everyday”…a catchy Christmas tune guaranteed to put a tap in your foot…

…and a smile on your face! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a bit more contemporary than much of what we play, but it still fits and is truly well done. Makes us want to see them on tour.

Some lyrics (thanks to K-LOVE):

We don’t need lights, we don’t need snow
If we’re got the faith then we’ve got the hope
Through the year we don’t have to wait
Cause it’s Christmas everyday
Can you hear the angels sing
Let the love in your heart be the gift you bring
And put a smile of someone’s face
Now it’s Christmas everyday

Great work boys! And thank you Chad for recording a liner for Countdown2.Christmas Radio. Nay everyone be able to say what Unspoken does at the end of their song:

Gathering โ€˜round the fire, caroling like a choir
If love’s the gift we share
Then we don’t need to care about the season cause we’ve always got a reason
To give ourselves a way
To give ourselves a way

Merry Christmas!

P.S. Sorry…forgot to give a purchase link. I’m sure you can grab it on iTunes too, but we buy our tunes through Amazon Music (who is also where we got the album cover image). Click here to buy on Amazon Music.