Countdown2.Christmas Radio (Mobile)

Year-round access to the best Christmas music on the planet!

Broadcasting since November, 2014…

Funny Santa with microphoneWe love Christmas so much here at Countdown2.Christmas we even produce a Canadian Internet radio station* thanks to SoniXCast…where we play the best Christmas music on the planet! (Mostly classics like Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, and Mitch Miller and the Gang…but with some great newer tracks snuck in here-and-there…for instance, Pentatonix.)

This is a simple page for mobile listeners available via Please see our full radio page for more information about the station, additional options to listen, etcetera.

Call 1-877-54SANTA (1-877-547-2682) to say hello, request a song, or leave a message for the world (or someone special) to hear! Oh, and visit our Programming page to find out when to tune in for special broadcasts.


The TuneIn player will show the song and artist playing. The other one (Plate III) is just plain neat. 🙂

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Download our free iPhone or Android application for your smartphone and make it even easier to listen to the best Christmas music on the planet any time of the year!

*As a Canadian Internet radio station owned by SoniXCast, all our royalties are paid through SOCAN. Santa wouldn’t steal from anyone…and neither would we! 🙂 So, we partnered with a company who makes sure royalties are properly covered.

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