Christmas at the Memories

Sunday at the MemoriesDuring the holiday season at 10AM the first Sunday of December, we here at Countdown2.Christmas Radio are proud to present Ray Durkee’s 1979 broadcast of “Christmas at the Memories,” which played in over 100 markets that year. The late Ray Durkee is famous for “Sunday at the Memories.” From Sunday at the Memories site:

In 1972, Ray moved to Denver’s KHOW where he started Sunday at the Memories in 1973. Sunday at the Memories was a nostalgia oriented show Ray created featuring the music of the past, as well as news and sporting events, movies, popular radio DJs, old time radio shows, commercials, TV shows and just about anything from years gone by that would take a listener back in time. Ray was a great story teller and radio professional. He captured the imagination of his listeners who could relate to the stories he told about his life. The show created “Theater of the Mind” for its listeners and was a huge success. It aired on KHOW every Sunday between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Sunday at the Memories generated high ratings and rivaled the ratings of the Denver Broncos on KOA in a town known for its love of their football team.

Thanks to his son, James Durkee, for digitizing this classic show and allowing Countdown2.Christmas Radio’s listeners, worldwide, get to hear his dad’s talent, great choice in music, and, well, memories. 🙂

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Cruisin' 1430P.S. You can tune into “Sunday at the Memories” itself each Sunday from 4-7PM on Denver’s Cruisin’ 1430 AM (which can also be listened to on-line).