Our Very Own Amazon Alexa Skill

AlexaDo you have an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Echo Show, Echo Plus, Echo Look, Fire TV, Fire Tablet? Or some other awesome device where you can say, “Alexa, tell me a joke?”

(You really should try that, her jokes aren’t too bad. :-))

Amazon Alexa

Well, Countdown2.Christmas Radio has its very own Amazon Alexa Skill where, once you enable it, all you have to say is, “Alexa, play Christmas Radio.”

Countdown2.Christmas RadioHow neat is that?!?!?!

It is as simple as going into your Alexa app, searching for “Christmas Radio,” enabling our skill (the one showing our logo to the right) and…ring your jingle bells to celebrate…and confidently request, “Alexa, play Christmas Radio.” Your ears will be filled with the best Christmas music on the planet, and your heart will be filled with the Christmas spirit.

In case you can’t figure out how to enable the skill, we’ll give directions below…but first…

Credit where credit is due…

1 Step SolutionThe main guy here at Countdown2.Christmas Radio is a bit of a nerd, so he might have been able to develop an Alexa skill himself…but the one thing he doesn’t have is time. So, we turned to Fiverr and found the great people at 1 Step Solution (1 Step Solution on Fiverr).

Our nerd has done a decent amount of business via Fiverr and Tao An at 1 Step Solution couldn’t have done a better job of helping us. He has been knowledgeable, responsive, and delivered a solution quickly that…well…now we are crowing about. 🙂

From their site:

Do you remember where smartphone apps were in 2006? Where are they now? We can help you bring your Alexa, Chatbot, and Google Voice services into the next generation.

We represent some of the top minds in the Natural Machine Language industry. Your project will be completed with professionalism and expediency.

Countdown2.Christmas Radio highly recommends 1 Step Solution!

Enabling Our Skill

Okay, we promised to show you how to enable our skill.

First, please try this direct link to our skill’s page.  There should be an “enable skill” button on that page that, if you have the Alexa app installed on your smartphone, should take care of it for you.

But, if not…here is the more involved process:

After opening the Alexa app on your smart phone or tablet…

Step 1, bring up the left menu:

Alexa step 1

Step 2, choose “Skills”:

Alexa step 2

Step 3, search for “Christmas Radio”:

Alexa step 3

Step 4, choose our entry (we are not the only “Christmas Radio”):

Alexa step 4

Step 5, enable our skill:

Alexa step 5

And boom, now you can, in full holiday spirit, request, “Alexa, play Christmas Radio.”

Life is good with Countdown2.Christmas Radio and Alexa, isn’t it? 🙂