We Made the (Shortwave) List!

UPDATE September 2, 2019:  We are no longer broadcasting on shortwave during our live program, at least temporarily.

I am a shortwave enthusiast…although I don’t listen as much as I wish due to interference at my home. However, I was really excited when SWLing posted Alan Roe’s list of music on shortwave and it included our weekly live program!

We broadcast every Sunday night (our time)…but in the shortwave world that is 0000 UTC (6:00PM MDT and 5:00PM MST). As Alan Roe’s list notes…we are on two frequencies, 9395 and 9455 kHz (thanks to the great people at WRMI). More info about listening to us live this way and other options that is available on our Schedule and Programming page. You can download a PDF of Alan’s list by clicking on the image above (which we nabbed, minus the arrow, from SWLing) or by clicking here.

Regardless of how you tune in…keep listening to Christmas music year-round…and you know where to find the best Christmas music on the planet. 🙂

Oh, and be sure to check out SWLing.com!

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