Hear Us On Shortwave!

WRMIUPDATE September 2, 2019:  We are no longer broadcasting on shortwave during our live program, at least temporarily.

We are excited to announce that as of this Sunday, February 19, our Sunday night live broadcast will not only go out over the Internet and Facebook Live…it’ll be beamed through the airwaves via shortwave thanks to the great people at WRMI.

Now, it won’t reach the whole planet, but if you are in the western US (especially southwestern), Mexico, or beyond those in the Pacific you may be able to pick us up on 6,855 kHz at midnight UTC on Monday, which is 5PM MST (winter) and 6PM MDT (summer) on Sunday.

‘Cause UTC doesn’t do that crazy daylight savings stuff. 🙂

I have broadcast on WRMI before, and they are awesome partners.  We are looking forward to this additional avenue to spread “peace on earth, goodwill to man” around the globe.

Fellow year-round Christmas music lovers…if you don’t already have a shortwave radio…grab one (feel free to contact me for suggested models) and tune in on Sunday nights!

P.S. My favorite brand is Tecsun (I have a bunch of theirs), but I am looking forward to getting a new Sangean radio on Monday. Please don’t tell my wife. 🙂

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