Is it Okay to Listen to Christmas Music?

“Is it okay to listen to Christmas music?” and “When is it okay to listen to Christmas music?” are two questions we often see on Twitter. As an important community service :-), we’ve taken our many years of research and expertise and distilled them into a simple flow chart that will allow you, once and for all, to answer those important questions:

Flow chart showing if it is okay to listen to Christmas music...

P.S. Don’t make Santa cry…
P.P.S. If you click on the image it’ll come up independently, and then you can right-click it an either download it or view it larger in another tab.

UPDATE September, 2016: Here is a direct link to the image.

Also, if you know someone who needs empirical support for their legitimate Christmas music listening habit…or a skeptic…the short link for this page is is or 🙂

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