Dreamcasters Symphony Orchestra

Canon by Candle LightWe’ve been watching Twitter for people using “Christmas music” in their tweets…and…during a recent session followed a link and heard a great song by Dreamcasters Symphony Orchestra. Although there will be more to come, Countdown2.Christmas Radio is proud to announce that group has joined our playlist! Founder Dan Campbell has been great to interact with, and we think you’ll find their music a tremendous addition to your library via iTunes, Amazon, or cdbaby.

Here is their write-up:


1 – Gentlemen
2 – Kings
3 – Canon By Candlelight
4 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
5 – A Child Is Born
6 – Heaven Knows
7 – Illumination
8 – Taylor’s Song
9 – Do You Hear What I Hear
10 – Heaven Sent
11 – Wish Upon a Star

Classic and original Christmas Music

Dreamcasters Symphony Orchestra was officially formed by Dan Campbell guitarist / producer / songwriter in collaboration with vocalist / keyboardist / songwriter / producer Paul Michael Stewart.

Dan says, “Christmas has always been a very special holiday for me growing up in New England”. “I love the feeling of joy and celebration in the air while shopping for gifts and visiting family”. “To me Christmas is truly about the birth of Christ on his holy day,.. a mother’s love and sharing those moments.

“Some of my fondest childhood memories were made while attending midnight masses with my family and friends and going to see the Nut Cracker Suite and holiday productions “. “That’s why we decided to create a production that not only honors the classics but also celebrates families, marriage and loving relationships”. “With our own original Christmas productions we hope to usher in a new era for Christmas music”. “Fans from 6 years old to 106 are all invited to join us for a very special Christmas experience, they’ll find that there’s something for everyone in the family”.

“Children gathered around a fire, love one’s warming themselves while enjoying beautiful holiday music,. it honestly doesn’t get much better”

P.S. This is the video that Twitter pointed us toward:

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