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Call 1-877-54SANTA (1-877-547-2682) to say hello, request a song, or leave a message for the world (or someone special) to hear! Oh, and visit our Programming & Schedule page to find out when to tune in for special broadcasts.

The TuneIn player will show the song and artist playing. The other one (Plate III) is just plain neat. 🙂

Countdown2.Christmas RadioWe love Christmas so much here at Countdown2.Christmas we even produce a Canadian Internet radio station*…where we play the best Christmas music on the planet! (Mostly classics like Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, and Mitch Miller and the Gang…but with some great newer tracks snuck in here-and-there…for instance, Pentatonix.)

Santa with Canadian flagThe easiest way for you or your friends to find Countdown2.Christmas Radio is to visit this page using its simple address:

NEW!!!: We now have an Alexa skill to make it easy to listen to our station on all your favorite Amazon devices with a simple, “Alexa, play Christmas Radio.” More info here.

If the TuneIn and other player on this page don’t work, please listen to us directly on TuneIn’s site. Or, you can install the respective app, search for Countdown2.Christmas, and follow/favorite us in the TuneIn or Nobex (iOS | BlackBerry | Android).

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Get it on Google Play

Speaking of Nobex, thanks to them we have our own Countdown2.Christmas Radio iPhone and Google Play Android apps! If you are an iPhone or Android user, there is no simpler way to listen to the greatest Christmas music on the planet. Just click on the iPhone or Google Play links to visit the page to install (or search for “Countdown2.Christmas Radio” within the stores).

(Please note:  If you previously downloaded the iPhone application and it does not work now, please delete it and re-download. Other issues with either app? Please contact us.)

Now, if you have another favorite player for Internet radio that we haven’t listed, you can have it open/load this:

P.S. In return for their kindness in listing Countdown2.Christmas Radio, Nobex wanted to make sure you could get their applications for your smartphone via these clickable graphics:

Nobex for iPhone Nobex for Blackberry Nobex for Android

*We are a Canadian Internet web site with a Canadian Internet radio station licensed through SOCAN. Santa wouldn’t steal from anyone…and neither would we! 🙂

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